Use cases

Mercurio self service EV rentals

We are currently developing inhouse applications and use cases that are dedicated to automate processes, reduce HR costs and enhance customer satisfaction & security!

Automated self-service electric vehicle rental system that involves booking, personal identification, car access and charging management. If passport & driving license scan or physical features like remote & conditioned car or locker access – Mercurio is dedicated to be used at secondary rental venues like hotels, shops, business centres.

  • Automated + telepresence backed advisory
  • API to booking & entry control systems
  • EV charging & energy management system
  • Passport & Driving License Scan & OCR
  • Smart lockers f.e. for car keys.

Simplify the administration of sport clubs or venues

Mercurio Sports Venue is dedicated to simplify the administration of sport clubs or venues like Squash, Tennis, Paddel,Indoor Soccer and many others. Mercurio organises site access, communicates with customers and builds insight on facility utilisation and finances all from one place.

  • On-site bookings and payments
  • Manages facility access automatically and remotely
  • Membership & identity check
  • On-site Lighting & time control
  • Analytics & reports
  • Self-service membership management
  • Multimedia Up- und Cross-Selling

Smart up – and cross selling solutions

Our automated and interconnected pop-up shop  solution is providing smart up- and cross selling solutions for products and services requiring a level of instruction or advisory.

You can install it in small shops, at service providers, in hotels or restaurants – literally everywhere. It takes less than 1 m2 and enables businesses to easily & remotely generate leads or sell non core products.

  • Interface to Vendor’s website & database
  • Automated script based advisory
  • Telepresence backed advisory
  • Remote Access System to smart lockers
  • Payment solutions

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