Hospitality automation – simplified!


What does Lara do?

MERCURIO “Lara” is automating workflows in hotels, hostels, home sharing and other alternative accommodations.


  • Self check-in / out
  • Keyless room access (E-keys)
  • Automated ID- & COVID-Certificate Check
  • Upselling tools & models
  • Telepresence for interactive guest relation
  • Guest management & information
  • Customization & Import services

Thanks to our partnership with a wide array of HMS providers, we can facilitate a quick integration to common hotel software platforms.

MERCURIO is an essential asset. Not only does it reduce the contact between employees and customers, but it also frees up the reception faster.

The receptionists need training and must know several languages. MERCURIO is already well trained to act and react in each and every purpose related to hospitality, available in English, Romanian or German. One of its most important targets is to make the accommodation process easier and faster, especially for foreign travellers.

MERCURIO has the ability to sustain immediately a busy reception, at any time and with no work-related stress costs. It can also concomitently provide customer care services through a variety of booking networks.


      Lack of qualified staff


Rising costs for HR & overhead


Poor upselling opportunities

“Lara” is a one stop shop hard-& software solution dedicated to robotizing labour-intensive procedures and enhancing user experience in hospitality.

Thanks to our automation-as-service use model no upfront investments are required!

Thanks to our partnership with a wide array of HMS providers, we can facilitate a quick integration to common hotel software platforms. 

preferred partnership agreement – up to 21 days
Other providers
customized integration – up to 3 months

Guest management – Facilitates the sign-up process, allows picking the date and time and the extra services reservations.

Document-Check – Scans and ocr-izes ID, COVID certificates and other important documents and introduces them GDPR-compliant into the hotel software.

Keyless room access – Issues keyless room access and interacts with smart HVAC-systems for providing best comfort and less environmental footprint

POS – Onsite CC payment system for basic and extra services including cheque printer

Guest information – Offers dynamic multimedia guest information about the facility and the location


> 50 % savings in HR-costs

enhanced customer experience

one-stop-shop – hard & software & support

upselling model for additional income

no upfront investments required


hotel management


  • Reduces staff costs by up to 50%

  • Full management actions executed by the client via MERCURIO
  • Centralises data and provides personalised reports


  • New bookings for walk-ins
  • GDPR integration, Green Certificate scanning

  • Increases customer satisfaction by decreasing waiting time


  • Provides info in the client’s language

  • Handles complaints and centralises reviews

  • Telepresence tool, when the human factor is needed


  • Automated Check-in / out
  • Passport Scan & OCR-ization for Identity Check & Filing
  • Payment terminal + Cheque-Printer
  • Bluetooth-based keyless room access (E-key)
  • Integration common hotel management software
  • Digital signage for dynamic guest information
  • Telepresence for remote guest relationship
  • Upselling tools & models

Pricing: from 499 euro / month.

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Christian Macedonschi, Owner of Casa Chitic Hotel

“Mercurio offers tourists a new and convenient experience, only a few clicks away. Given the fact that nowadays most people already use a smartphone, there will certainly be no problems using this device. The process is intuitive and similar to the self check-in at the airport or placing orders in fast food restaurants. That’s why we expect positive feedback from customers.”

Andreas Valentini, CEO Advanced Robotics

“We want to take customer experience solutions to the highest level. By creating a network of partner hotels, we want to increase customer loyalty and streamline their interaction with staff. Once they enter their login details to check-in at one of the partner hotels, their data will be stored in our GDPR-compliant system, saving them the hassle of filling it in every time they travel.”

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