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MERCURIO is a customer-friendly virtual employee empowered with novel features such as its conversational AI.

MERCURIO listens to customer’s needs and replies with solutions based on their request. It improves the engagement by streamlining processes in the customer journey funnel.

MERCURIO is a scalable application which can be customized for a wide range of industries which require automated workflows in an omnichannel perspective for an improved customer interaction.

Once the device is integrated into the hotel, there will no longer be a need for staff at the reception desk. MERCURIO is functional 24/7, is fully automated, independent and able to communicate with the customer.

In the current pandemic context, MERCURIO can become an essential asset. Not only does it reduce the contact between employees and customers, but it also frees up the reception faster.

The receptionists need training and must know several languages. Mercurio already knows everything there is to be done and it is also available in English, Romanian or German to make the accommodation process easier for foreigners.

MERCURIO solves the staffing problem in reception and implements customer service actions faster through new concierge networks.

Check in

  • Scans COVID19 certificates and ID/passports

  • Enables authentication and reservation search

  • Issues access cards, then turns on room air conditioning (smart room)

During the stay

  • Provides information about the hotel and surroundings

  • Quickly solves customer’s problems if needed

  • Directs the users to a call center when needed


  • POS included to facilitate the payments

  • Issues receipts and invoices at the customer’s request

  • Allows reservation / extra services payments

Thanks to our partnership with the Cloudbeds Hotel Management System, we can facilitate a quick integration for any of the 20,000 hotels using this platform.

Through Cloudbeds – done in 21 days
done in 60 – 90 days

Creates new account – Facilitates the sign up process, allows picking the date and time and the extra services reservations.

Documents – Scans the COVID19 certificate and the ID/passport in a GDPR-compliant way.

Smart room – Issues access cards, then turns on room air conditioning in order to create the best environment for the customer.

Payment – POS included that allows the payment of the reservation, extra services and more, issues invoice / receipt.

Customer support – Offers information about the hotel and the area through its smart features.


hotel management


  • Reduces staff costs by up to 60%

  • Full management actions executed by the client via MERCURIO
  • Centralises data and provides personalised reports


  • New bookings for walk-ins
  • GDPR integration, Covid Certificate scanning in compliance with the law

  • Increases customer satisfaction by decreasing waiting time


  • Provides info in the client’s language

  • Handles complaints and centralises reviews

  • Telepresence tool, when the human factor is needed


The company saves up to 60% of staff costs and streamlines the sales process.

For businesses, it is not only an optimisation of existing costs, but also a new source of revenue. MERCURIO is an excellent sales agent, with the ability to cross-sell and up-sell when interacting with customers.

Every customer’s interaction with MERCURIO is stored to create a database that is easy to analyse. This way, the company will have a better understanding of its consumer’s behaviour, what their interests are and how much time they spend on each action.

Every piece of information about the client’s stay is centralised in the platform, from check-in and room access, to solving various problems that may be encountered during their stay.


Save up to 60% of staff costs

Enhanced up-selling and cross-selling

Faster check-in and check-out

Detailed data analysis

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We want to take customer experience solutions to the highest level. Thus, we have launched new user-friendly systems that combine the efficiency of artificial intelligence with the most pleasant customer interaction possible.

For a business in the tourism industry, customer experience is the core of the business. Mercurio streamlines the traffic in hotels and is an efficient solution for customer service.


Christian Macedonschi, Owner of Casa Chitic Hotel

“Mercurio offers tourists a new and convenient experience, only a few clicks away. Given the fact that nowadays the majority of people already use a smartphone, there will certainly be no problems using this device. The process is intuitive and similar to the self check-in at the airport or placing orders in fast food restaurants. That’s why we expect positive feedback from customers.”

Andreas Valentini, CEO Advanced Robotics

“We want to take customer experience solutions to the highest level. By creating a network of partner hotels, we want to increase customer loyalty and streamline their interaction with staff. Once they enter their login details to check-in at one of the partner hotels, their data will be stored in our GDPR-compliant system, saving them the hassle of filling it in every time they travel.”

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